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2008 Elite 11 Regional Quarterback Camps

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2008 Elite 11 Regional Quarterback Camps

Today lets talk about the Elite 11 Regional Quarterback Competition. There are a lot of parents, and players who are very interest in Quarterback Competitions that take place all over America.

This football camp has been in exsistance for 10 years. I think that the Elite 11 invitation only Quarterback Camp is one of the top qb competition camps in America.

Just take a look at some of the quarterbacks that have attend.

Jamarkus Russell, Troy Smith, Vince Young, Ben Rothlisberger, Ted Tebow, Derek Anderson, Cleo Clemmons, Matt Leinert, Carson Palmer to name a few.

The 2008 Elite 11 Quarterback Regional Contest runs for two hours. The first hour is station work, as quarterbacks rotate through different stations, with each station containing a useful drill to improve each player. Some qb drills are about quarterback footwork, some are about qb passing accuracy to name a few.

The second hour of the contest is the quarterback throwing passes to wide receivers who are running passing routes from a quarterback passing tree. The quarterbacks will begin with three-step drop throws (hitches, slants) and then progress through the passing tree with five and seven step drop throws.

The twelve Quarterback Regional Competitions will also have a special accuracy competition this year.

After the completion of the c12 regional contests, the top quarterbacks from these regional qb camps are selective to be one of the top eleven high juniors to participate in the national event held every year in California.

For more information on how to get into one of the regional Quarterback Competition send me an email and I can send you the exact times dates and locations.