February 26, 2024

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A map of the metaverse: Hashtag Trending Weekend Edition

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A map of the metaverse: Hashtag Trending Weekend Edition

Welcome to Hashtag Trending, the Weekend Edition with your host Jim Really like.

Before this 12 months we did a sequence on the Metaverse for a different podcast series I host with my colleague Doug Sparkes called  a “Deeper Dive.”  That collection is continue to well worthy of listening to in its entirety, but above previous months I’ve been thinking a large amount about one particular episode we referred to as a “map of the metaverse(s)”

We took the plan from the ebook Snowcrash, exactly where the term metaverse was initial made use of. In that guide, there were many international locations or town states each and every with their very own policies. They had there possess citizenship and principles. Quite a few of them ended up operate by corporations or eccentric abundant folks who had been the “dictators” who dominated people worlds. Seem familiar?

You could vacation in between them but you did so at some risk. They were being tribal and normally treated immigrants and travellers with suspicion and often with hostility.

The principle in the e-book was so close to what we observed rising in the metaverse as it was unfolding IRL (in real lifetime).  We noticed a competitive set of contenders all seeking to build a stake in the new metaverse(s).  So I assumed, what if I explained the rising metaverse as if it was a environment and we could map out the the different wannabe metropolis states.

The result was this episode.  I hope you’ll locate it interesting.  It could help make conceptual  feeling of some of the points that are emerging below and now.

One past observe.  There are a variety of articles or blog posts rising now that discuss about how the metaverse is failing, how Zuckerberg is getting rid of hundreds of billions or how the metaverse has grow to be what sporting activities icon Yogi Berra reported about dining establishments in New York. “Nobody goes there for the reason that it’s as well crowded.”

We wished to skirt both equally the posture of the legitimate believer and the cynic. In our feeling, the metaverse is unavoidable. What kind it requires or in our parlance, what place or alliance of international locations gain is not.


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