February 26, 2024

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Get Your Information Product Out to the Public Using the Internet and More

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Get Your Information Product Out to the Public Using the Internet and More

When trying to get your audios out the public, the internet can be your best friend, but you can use even more resources to help you.

I’d also put up the audio on a replay line, make it easy for those cell phone listeners to listen to your audio on their cell phone or anyone with a phone who doesn’t have Internet access or a good computer or know how to go open up a browser.

There are still a lot of people who can’t get onto the computer. My mom can’t go online because her hands shake. Like when she uses a mouse, I don’t know what the problem is but her hands shake so she can’t use a mouse so she doesn’t go on the computer. So she can’t take advantage of that Internet and there are a lot of people like that.

So I would have a phone number, a replay line so you can broadcast your message through the telephone and you know they are somewhat qualified, too, because they have to pay for the long distance call. And with this replay line the company will send you a report of how many people called the replay line and how long they stayed on the call. So I’ll have a list of call IDs of all the numbers of everyone.

Let’s say I put this whole thing up as a free hour replay and I send it out to my list and I’ve got the report from the replay company and I can see how long each person stayed on the phone and I have their caller ID number. I bet I’ve got a pretty qualified prospect who wants to learn more about this stuff for a service I offer.

YouTube is a wonderful way for getting your information distributed. It is amazing. have you ever heard of these YouTube videos called Blendit?

YouTube is an amazing promotional tool. There is this company and the sell these real high end blenders. The actual container part that you fill up your juice and whatever you are blending is made of this bullet proof material and he’s got this super strong motor and he demonstrates it for a YouTube video and he’ll blend these crazy things. He’ll blend an iPhone, he’ll blend glow sticks, you have to check this out. Go to YouTube Blendit. They blended up a bowl of cubic zirconium of diamonds. He blended up a baseball. I mean things you’d be crazy to put in a blender and this blender chops through it all.

So he does these videos and they are getting viral views, millions of views and he links right to his Web site and he’s selling an incredible amount of blenders.

YouTube is extremely powerful. Twitter and Facebook and LinkedIn, MySpace for the younger generation are incredible resources, these social media sites. I was just saying how popular that LinkedIn interview with my LinkedIn expert is. We talked about YouTube, you know, iTunes, you know I have about 150 of my interviews converted into podcasts so they are on iTunes available to any person who has a digital MP3 player and iTunes was developed by Apple so they could sell music. So they gave whoever had an iPod they could take you know the iTunes music and put it on their iPod, but having a podcast is more than music. Its information type products and podcasts can be TV shows, they can be movies, they can radio shows. You know digital content that is meant to be downloaded from the Internet onto your mobile digital playing device, whether it’s your cell phone or your iPod or your MP3 player.