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Halo Attain ONI: Sword Base Walkthrough, How to Full ONI: Sword Base Alone on Legendary

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Halo Attain ONI: Sword Base Walkthrough, How to Full ONI: Sword Base Alone on Legendary

Section 1: The Ideal Protection…
This mission options a mixture of both indoor and outdoor combating, including quite a few vehicular options in the outdoor area. This is also the very first mission in which you struggle Hunters, the most durable infantry of the covenant military. Having said that, you are provided with a number of rocket launchers during the mission, producing the Hunters reasonably effortless targets to kill.

You get started this mission with a 50 ammo DMR and a 375 ammo assault rifle, in an region applied as the “Courtyard” firefight map. Your original objective is to safeguard Sword Base from a big group of covenant infantry in the courtyard. Right in entrance of you under the bridge are four Grunts. As quickly as your reticule appears on the display screen, get rid of them with headshots, sprint to the bridge, and swap your assault rifle for a single of their plasma pistols. Flip suitable into the hallway that sales opportunities up to the 2nd tale. In the courtyard, there are 3 Grunts, 8 Jackals, an Elite small, and an Elite main. At about this time, a phantom will fall an Elite insignificant and an Elite extremely with a concussion rifle as very well. The Elite important is commonly on the next story system ahead of you when you enter the hallway, so be geared up to get rid of him with an overcharged plasma pistol and DMR headshot as you wander up the ramp in entrance of you.

Right after killing the Elite important if he was present, return to the hallway in purchase to acquire protection from phantom. Once the airspace is apparent, move up to the next story the moment all over again and choose include behind the substantial UNSC Barricade. From listed here, select off as a lot of Grunts and Jackals as feasible with your DMR. Periodically enjoy the ramp directly in entrance of you since Elites will usually use this route to cost you. If they do, stun and get rid of them with your plasma pistol and DMR as they get started walking up the ramp. If you discover you confused by enemies, you can also get deal with in the hallway. This presents a lot more strong go over than the large UNSC barricade but does not provide as very good of a sniping position.

Right after you eliminate all obvious enemies from your situation, cross the bridge and wander to the left wall. Upcoming to the corpse of a marine, you will uncover a DMR and a overall health package, both equally of which you ought to use to restock. Shift ahead together the second tale path forward, and you will come across a sniper rifle together the ideal railing. I would not recommend taking this weapon simply because it does not impart enough destruction to kill most Elites with a person headshot. At the extremely stop of this route, there is a ramp heading into the courtyard, and from the bottom of this ramp you can quickly complete off the rest of the enemies.

Continue to keep strolling strait and you will appear to a maze of substantial UNSC barricades and substantial UNSC crates. Between this protect there are 4 Skirmisher majors and any infantry that retreated from the final struggle. Choose a barricade to use as cover and patiently kill the Skirmishers and any other remaining infantry. The Skirmishers often keep in cover, so you ought to hold out right up until they walk between barricades or crates to attain a headshot.

Go down the rest of the route to the included region. Together the ideal wall, there are a few weapons crates, one with two DMRs, 1 with two armor locks, and a person with a goal locator, as properly as a overall health kit. Restock on DMR ammo and swap your plasma pistol for the focus on locator. As soon as you choose the goal locater, the doorways will start off to open. As soon as you walk outside the house, you will go on to the up coming rally position.

Portion 2: Get the Hell off My Lawn!
Outside, there are two wraiths, an Elite important, and a few Grunts considerably in advance of you. Though the wraiths will not occur toward you, the infantry will. These wraiths are specially fatal mainly because you have poor deal with, they are reasonably shut, and there are two of them. For this cause, eliminate them as before long as attainable with an artillery strike from the goal locator. To do this, position your focus on locator at either of the wraiths and hold the appropriate cause. This will paint a red circle all-around the wraith, followed by an artillery strike of 5 orbital missiles will then destroy anything at all in the vicinity of the purple circle If you can kill both equally wraiths with a one strike, you will also receive an achievement. To do this, wait around for the wraiths to move subsequent to every single other ahead of contacting in the artillery strike to attain this. After killing the wraiths, eliminate the infantry with your DMR. Because you do not have a plasma pistol, hold out for the marines and Kat to get rid of the Elite’s shields, then end it with a DMR headshot.

Jacking a Wraith: If you are a proficient wraith driver and wish to use a wraith for the out of doors part of this mission, you can jack 1 of the wraiths rather of destroying them both of those. As a substitute of bringing the concentrate on locator from the past portion, swap for it to induce the doors to open and then quickly swap back for your plasma pistol. Start by killing all of the infantry, which include the Grunts working the wraiths’ turrets. Stun the very first wraith with your plasma pistol, sprint towards it, and plant a grenade to wipe out it. Stun the 2nd wraith as properly, but in its place of boarding it, enter the plasma turret. This will cause the Elite driver to exit the wraith, permitting you to eliminate him with and overcharged plasma pistol and DMR headshot. This in the end gives you with an intact wraith that you can use for the remainder of this rally level. If you do this, you will will need to use distinctive ways than the kinds I offer for the remainder of this rally stage.

Immediately after killing equally the wraiths and the infantry, a Pelican will fall of a conventional warthog. I would not counsel taking this warthog simply because your UNSC allies are extremely weak gunners and the warthog does not supply plenty of damage resistance to compensate for its inability to use address. On the other hand, if you are playing co-op, you may well would like to contemplate making use of this warthog. If you do, you will will need to use different ways than the types I present for the remainder of this rally stage. Your present aims are to safe and restart the UNSC Anti-Aircraft gun and coms array. This mission enables you to pick out which objective to total very first. It is essential that you restart the AA guns 1st because you will have to have to substitute your plasma pistol for a rocket launcher at the coms array for the Hunter battle through the third rally position.

Dash up the hill to the west, which is to your proper when dealing with absent from Sword Foundation. At the top of the hill, there are 3 Grunts and a ghost, operated by either an Elite or a Grunt. Use the hill to the still left as deal with to get rid of the Grunts even though staying shielded from the ghost and swap your concentrate on locator for just one of the Grunt’s plasma pistols. Once the ghost techniques you, EMP it with this plasma pistol and jack it. If an Elite was functioning the ghost, ram the Elite to kill it.

Travel the ghost together the dirt route to the AA gun facility. You will come to two rocks in the center of the route. Exit your ghost listed here, and you will have a best watch of the AA gun facility because of to your larger elevation. There are seven Grunts and two Elites majors in and about the building, as well as an Elite general with a plasma launcher on leading of the building. Applying the rock as address if essential, start out sniping the Grunts close to the AA gun with your DMR. As soon as you kill the Grunts closest to you, transfer to the rock in front of you and use it as cover to destroy even far more Grunts. Around this time, a spirit will fall two Elite rangers with concussion rifles and 4 extra Grunts in the vicinity of the AA gun. Following you have killed most or all of the Grunts, enter your ghost and push underneath the building that the Elite general is on.

Enter the constructing by the back again doorway, and climb the stairs although charging up your plasma pistol. As quickly as you access the top rated degree, stun and destroy the Elite general right before he can cost up his plasma launcher to stick you. Restock DMR ammo from a scenario on the ahead appropriate corner of the roof and activate the AA gun with the inexperienced switch on the wall subsequent to this circumstance. Continue to be on top rated of the creating to destroy all of the remaining enemies. This space is a quite good position because it delivers a excellent DMR sniping and only has one entrance. By relocating to the front conclude of the roof, you can simply destroy any remaining Grunts with your DMR. To take deal with, basically wander a few actions back again and the enemies under will be unable to shoot you. The only way that the Elite rangers and majors will arrive at you is from the stairs guiding you. The moment you see them climbing the stairs on your radar, go in direction of them so that you can straight away stun and eliminate them as they stroll up the final several stairs.

A small time after you activate the AA gun, a phantom will fall two ghosts, a person operated by an Elite and 1 operated by a Grunt, to the still left of the constructing. Once you have dealt with all of the infantry from the before, stun and jack the ghosts. You will use a person of these ghosts for transportation to the subsequent portion.

Pelican will now get there and produce you a next warthog. In this space, there are a good deal of health kits and weapons you can use. In the bigger creating, there is a wellness package, assault rifle crate, and a sprint and armor lock circumstance by the rear entrance. On the initial floor, there is a DMR crate and a well being package as well as a DMR and a DMR case on the roof amount. In the next, lesser building, there is a sniper rifle and a dash and armor lock case. Be confident to restock on DMR ammo, health, and plasma pistol electrical power prior to you go away for the coms array.

Kat will now inform you to safe and activate the coms array. Enter a single of the ghosts you jacked and drive back again to Sword Foundation. This time, acquire the path to the East, the downhill path to the left. This oblique route permits you to bypass covenant forces on the road concerning the AA gun and coms array. It also makes it possible for offers you better cover for retaking the coms array.

Once you get to the coms array outpost, walk into the very first constructing you appear to. In the next story, there is a dash and armor lock case, a wellness kit, and an assault rifle crate. In the other developing, there are 6 Grunts, two Jackal snipers with needle rifles, two Elite majors, and an Elite extremely. In addition, there is a revenant involving the two buildings. Wander up the stairs between the 2nd and 3rd floor of your making. From these stairs, DMR snipe the Jackals and Grunts in the other developing. Get rid of the Jackal snipers to start with simply because they pose the greatest risk to you thanks to their precise needle rifles. If your shields slide low, backup down the stairs and you will be totally shielded. Just after killing all of the seen enemies in the considerably setting up, proceed to jack the revenant. This can be alternatively tricky simply because it can carry on to fire on you even when stunned with EMP. To continue being safe and sound, stun it and run about to the back of it to jack it. Then ram the Elite and give the revenant to Kat. Do not use the rocket launcher on the 3rd floor of the constructing to eliminate the revenant for the reason that you will have to have this to kill the Hunters in the subsequent segment.

Subsequent, transfer up into the next creating and enter the smaller space on best. From below, destroy the Elites one by 1 from the security of the doorway. If feasible, aim on the Elite farthest away from the other two very first so that the other can’t injure when you kill it. Within of the space you are in, you will find the generator change alongside with a well being kit, an assault rifle crate, and a sprint and armor lock circumstance. There is also a sniper rifle in which the Jackal snipers were being positioned.

Flip on the generator for the coms array with the change, triggering a spirit to drop 7 Skirmisher majors and a few Grunts on the other setting up. Being inside of this home, DMR snipe the other enemies by the doorway. Generally, the Grunts and most of the Skirmishers will climb the reverse setting up even though a number of Skirmishers will hurry you. Eliminate the charging Skirmishers to start with, then decide off the other enemies when you have a obvious shot. Right after killing all Grunts and Skirmishers, climb the considerably setting up and switch on the coms array on the major tale. Then return to the 3rd story and swap your plasma pistol for the rocket launcher in the vicinity of the window. This will be employed in the forthcoming Hunter battle.

Soon after turning on the coms array, a Pelican will produce a gauss warthog. If you are playing co-op, I extremely suggest you improve your regular warthog for the gauss warthog due to its extremely superior firepower. If you are participating in by itself, I do not recommend working with it. You will then get orders to return to Sword Base, concluding this rally stage.

Element 3: Least Harmless Distance
Reenter the ghost you used as transportation to the coms array. Once all over again, you will want to get the oblique root to stay clear of enemy fire. Start off driving to the AA gun by subsequent the grime path uphill. You will appear to a sharp 180 convert, the place you will see two ghosts. Due to the fact you do not have a plasma pistol, you simply cannot jack them. In its place, stay away from them by hugging the edge of the cliff to the left and employing the rocks to supply cover versus the ghost. At the time you reach the past rock, enable your shields to regenerate, raise up the very last stretch of highway, and flip the corner to your still left, supplying you protection from the ghosts. If completed the right way, you can effortlessly endure this with out getting any overall health damage.

After you return to the AA gun, restock on DMR ammo and well being if vital, then carry on again to Sword Foundation. Immediately after you appear close to Sword Base, you will see a hill with a dead maritime, a rocket launcher, and a wellness kit on leading. Grab a lot more rocket launcher ammo from the rocket launcher subsequent to a marine’s corpse. Now, due to the fact all of the enemies are clustered all-around the other route, you can conveniently boost to Sword Base without the need of chance. Activate the change to open up the doorways. At the time securely within, you will see 6 Grunts, two Jackals, and two Elites in the UNSC barricade field. Get rid of as quite a few of the mild infantry as possible from the deal with of the substantial pillar holding up the covered spot. The moment the enemies retreat out of array, shift up into the include subject and use a single of the barricades as go over. Swap your rocket launcher for a plasma pistol to destroy the Elites, then swap back to your rocket launcher.

Transfer ahead via the open up gates, in which you will discover three marines pinned down by two Hunters. There is a shotgun crate and a health and fitness kit on the next pillar. Kill the Hunters with your rocket launcher. Do not attempt to strike them in their weak spots simply shoot at their overall body or their toes and the collateral injury and sheer electrical power of the UNSC rocket launchers will simply destroy them. From time to time, your eight rockets do not give enough firepower to get rid of each Hunters. If so, finish off the survivor with your stickies and frags. If it however is not useless, restock on frag grenades at the shotgun crate to end it off.

Within the elevator space to your remaining, you will come across two Grunts and an Elite. Eliminate the Grunts very first, and then trade your rocket launcher for one particular of their plasma pistols to get rid of the Elite. Once all enemies are killed, you and Kat can use the elevator to enter Sword Foundation.

At the leading of the elevator, you will discover a wellbeing kit, two grenades, an assault rifle, and a dash and armor lock circumstance. On the other conclude of the hallway in front of you, there are 3 Grunts and an Elite extremely with a concussion riffle. Get started by initial killing the Elite ultra, then the Grunts, but do not walk down the hallway to do so. At the stop of the hallway, you will come to a door main you to the atrium, wherever you will obtain Jorge and Carter combating their way up Sword Base. This is region the map utilised for the multiplayer map “Sword Base”.

In the central space, there are four Jackals and an Elite significant, all of which are quick to offer with the assist of Noble Group. Use the sq. doorway you entered from as go over. After doing away with these threats, Move to the much wall of the atrium and convert left, then climb the stairs and switch still left into a home with a few Grunts. These Grunts soften suicide, so eliminate them promptly and do not get to shut.

Glimpse by way of the doorway forward of you into the future area, the place you will locate 3 Grunt heavies, two Jackal snipers, and an Elite ultra. Stand in the doorway and eliminate the enemies as they walk into your line of hearth. Action to the remaining of the doorway for go over. Go on forward, exactly where you will occur to a walking bridge connecting to the other aspect of the atrium. On the other side of the bridge are two Jackal snipers and an Elite big. Stay on your aspect of the bridge to get rid of the Jackal snipers then cost across the bridge to destroy the Elite. Eliminate this Elite as immediately as achievable simply because you will be fully exposed when crossing the bridge.

At the other conclude, you will occur to a massive, open place. To your left, there are two hallways, a person with stairs and just one without. You should enter the hallway without having stairs, having you to a room with a DMR crate from the wall, 6 marines, and a bridge over to the up coming segment. Restock on DMR ammo and eliminate the a few Grunt minors on the other aspect of the bridge in advance of you, then sprint across the bridge and into the area on the other aspect. It is crucial that you do not linger on the bridge mainly because you are vulnerable to enemies previously mentioned you when you stand on this bridge.

On the degree higher than you, there are four Jackals, an Elite big, and an Elite common with a gas rod. Stroll midway up the stairs and get rid of the Jackals and Elite main. Use the stairs as protect by going for walks down when you are harm or see a risk coming. Climb to the top rated of the stairs, and you will see the Elite common on the opposite aspect of the hallway. To continue to be safe, dash near to him. He will not shoot you if you are close because the collateral harm will injure him, and the covenant never ever execute a activity that results in by themselves injury. He therefore will vacation resort to melee attacking you, building him an simple goal to eliminate with an overcharged plasma shot and DMR headshot.

In the space at the best of the stairs, you will discover an additional DMR crate, two health kits, and a rocket launcher. Swap your plasma pistol for the rocket launcher and restock on health and fitness and DMR ammo. By means of the subsequent doorway you will obtain two Jackals. Get rid of them and operate within the burning room. A phantom will arrive by and fall off two Elite spec ops and a Grunt. Keep in the home right until it leaves to steer clear of its concussion photographs, then come exterior and destroy the Elite spec ops and Grunt with your rocket launcher or DMR. Then, renter the room and get rid of the phantom and any banshees with you rocket launcher by stepping out of the doorway ahead of you. If you need to have much more ammo, restock from the SPUNKr kits and other rocket launcher inside of the area.

To eliminate an enemy plane with a rocket launcher, you have to have to get a lock-on. To do this, observe above your target right until the sq. turns crimson. Then, the rocket will dwelling towards the enemy. A banshee only needs a single rocket to kill, but the phantom involves 3. To get rid of the phantom, lock-on and shoot two times, then reload, lock-on all over again, and shoot once.

Soon after killing the phantom, two quick swords will be equipped to damage the covenant corvette. They fly close to it to relaying its coordinates to a person of the UNSC frigates. The frigate is then ready to ruin the corvette with a one Mac round. Carter will then explain to you and Jorge to return to Dr. Halsey, the place she will inform Nobel group about a “latchkey” discovery. This concludes the ONI: Sword Base mission of the Halo Reach campaign.