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Meet up with the Freaky Flickers!

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Meet up with the Freaky Flickers!

Freaky Sparkles are small plastic figures designed by Doc Flick who is an inventor and a scientist. These characters had been born as a final result of an accident in his lab. All of them have a various traits and distinctive personalities. They are incredibly handy in the Doc’s lab and live like a relatives. Let’s take a nearer look at all these figures: They are the ones who have designed Freaky Glints a rage today. Chomp retains threatening his opponents that he will eat them off!

Also, he is the a person who frequents dentists the most and pays large charges. Moby Flick is the greatest flicker of all and he always enjoys himself. Glub Glub has the famed Nemo as cousin and she is a clown fish. She is the funniest flicker. Wrapper often sleeps in dark packing containers and ends up receiving wounded in virtually all video games. Bot 3000 had an workplace career before joining the team. He can be equally participant as properly as referee at the very same time. ICU was the most popular in the Freaky Flicker College. Her favorite video game is the starring contest. Smiley is not a incredibly superior team participant as most of the occasions he is two faced.

He has three heads. Having said that all is not effectively at the Doc’s paradise (Casa de Flick). Lender has been pressuring the doc to repay his dues as the home finance loan day has now crossed the deadline. To enable the Doc defeat this difficulty Aargh the Pirate who is the leader of the Freaky Flickers has come to his help. He has built a research committee to locate the Golden Flicker which is the rarest flicker of all to the help the Doc very clear his dues. You can also be part of the Flickers in their adventure as they head out to search for the Golden Flicker. The lookup starts off from the edge of the earth to an island and extend until they arrive at Outer Space.

The total freaky gang is neck deep into the journey and conquer all hurdles with simplicity. Quest for the Golden Flicker is an action packed animation movie which is complete of adventure. The visualization and laptop animation is wonderful. The animation is influenced by Chuck Jones and Tex Avery who are legendary names in the globe of cartoon films. This motion picture is not just for the kids but an entertainer for the entire relatives. It is a ninety moment animation flick. The entire movie is primarily based on the characters of Freaky Sparkles. The leader of the freaky flicker crew is Freaky Freddy who is also the craziest flicker “Grasp” or coach.

He retains attempting to make new online games for his crew. He religiously techniques new tactics to enjoy the sport he is the purpose staying the team winning most of the game titles. The other essential crew associates like Booga, Blossom and Spike have also learnt some new methods and are hoping to match up to Freddy.