December 7, 2023

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Old 6809 Computer Lives Again On Breadboards

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Old 6809 Computer Lives Again On Breadboards

Amongst old CPUs, the 6809 never acquired as significantly interest as some of its cousins. The Radio Shack CoCo applied it and so did a development post in Wi-fi Environment Magazine. Now [Dave] has reconstructed that pc on breadboards and it seems good. The files are on GitHub and there is even a series of video clips about the equipment. You can watch the first a single below.

You can even read through the authentic content in the January 1981 Wi-fi Earth where the board utilised a 6802. The enhance to a 6809 seems in the July 1981 issue. The journal promised you could make the technique for £100. Aside from the 6809 there ended up only a couple of chips. A Promenade, two RAM chips, A 6821 PIA, and a 74LS138 decoder for handle choice. An MC1413 transistor array also authorized for a 7-segment display screen and a keypad alongside with a 7442 BCD decoder.

Seemingly [Dave] experienced started off a comparable laptop again in the 80s, and built modifications to it to adapt to the Wi-fi World’s project memory map. It sounds like he didn’t complete it, but he discovered the outdated boards and made the decision to recreate it on a breadboard.

Like many computers of the day, the device experienced a cassette interface. We seriously like the aesthetic of the 7-segment LEDs and the in general glimpse of the build.

The 6809 did see use in some certain industrial and video clip sport programs. There was also a New Zealand academic laptop dependent on the 6809, along with a handful of other residence pcs like the SuperPET and the Dragon.