March 4, 2024

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Protect Your Property With This Fire-Breathing Billionaire

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Protect Your Property With This Fire-Breathing Billionaire

Let’s deal with it: if you can’t believe in a hearth-breathing billionaire industrialist to secure your stuff, who can you believe in? (Video, embedded below.)

This one is straight out of the Genuinely Lousy Ideas™ files, and comes to us from [Marc Radinovic]. His story on this a person is that he desires to protect the things in his new home, and felt that a encounter-recognition system with a flame thrower would be the ideal way to deal with that. And to somehow make it even far better, explained method would be crafted into a preposterous portrait of everyone’s preferred plutocrat. The guts of the program are rather a lot what you’d anticipate — a digicam and a Raspberry Pi jogging OpenCV and a experience recognition library, a butane reservoir and a solenoid valve, an arc lighter as an ignition resource, and an Arduino and some absolutely not sketchy at all wiring to handle all parts. And Lcd displays for [Elon]’s eyes, of class.

The process is qualified to figure out [Marc]’s encounter and greets him cheerfully when he’s in view. [Non-Marc] individuals, even so, are dealt with a little bit fewer accommodatingly, up to and which includes a confront-melting fireball. Effigies of other billionaires acquired the procedure unusually, [Marc]’s encounter-recognition algorithm did not even recognize yet another [Mark] as a human deal with, which when you imagine about it is really darn funny.

So, undoubtedly not a realistic security process, and surely not one thing you should build, but it’s rather great exciting in any case. It reminds us a bit of the hearth-respiration duck we noticed yrs ago.

Thanks to [JK] for the tip.