Russian spies and shadowy tech glow in ‘Impostor Syndrome’

“There will come a time when it isn’


re spying on me as a result of my cellular phone

any longer. Inevitably, it will be

My cellphone is spying on me

.” —Philip K. Dick

We have all listened to about Silicon Valley. We know that the tech minds that make our life easier churn out their hottest concepts in that unique part of California. But how significantly do we all actually know about the operate the cyber-geniuses are conducting to provide us with the latest and greatest technological advancements? Our most current read normally takes us into the heart of Silicon Valley, where by a single tech exec isn’t specifically who she appears to be.

‘Impostor Syndrome’ by Kathy Wang

Julia holds the 2nd most highly effective situation at a large tech firm known as Tangerine. She’s lauded for remaining a single of the handful of girls at the major in Silicon Valley and her general public persona is all about breaking the glass ceiling and owning a healthy function/daily life balance.

Julia’s fact, however, is quite diverse. Julia is also a spy.

Kathy Wang’s newest novel “Impostor Syndrome” tells the tale of Julia’s ascent to tech royalty as a spy for a Russian corporation identified as the SPB. Immediately after many years of residing in Silicon Valley, Julia has become accustomed to her high-class American life-style and is a lot more devoted to maintaining her position at Tangerine than she is to delivering the SPB with whichever facts they ask for. As Julia starts to push back against the SPB and her handler Leo, a low-amount personnel named Alice begins to examine some bizarre data quantities at the firm…that direct back again to Julia’s SPB function.

Explained to mostly from Julia, Leo and Alice’s perspectives, Wang weaves an intricate tale of tech drama and cat-and-mouse espionage. Julia wants to keep in energy but her loyalties lie with her have ambition as an alternative of Moscow’s, whilst Alice’s curiosity is placing Julia’s long term at chance.

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