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Verizon’s 5G Home Internet Available in More Cities

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What you need to know:

  • 5G Home Internet launches June 3 in Columbus, Ohio.Greensboro, NC and Raleigh, NC

  • The service will be available on June 10th in Des Moines, Iowa. New Orleans, Louisiana. Seattle, Washington and Tucson, Arizona.

  • Nearly eight in ten homebuyers say that 5G home internet adds value to their homes.

  • Verizon offers up to $ 500 to cover early termination charges for customers leaving their current Internet provider and switching to 5G Home Internet.

Basking Ridge, NJ 5G home internet Have arrived in more cities, and in today’s hot real estate market, having a reliable broadband connection is more important than ever. Morning consultation study..1 From June 3rd, some customers in Columbus, Ohio. Greensboro, NC and Raleigh, NC can sign up for 5G Home Internet. This is an ultra-fast broadband service ideal for those who work remotely, go to school at home, or stream their favorite shows. And on June 10, the service will be available to some customers in Des Moines, Iowa. New Orleans, Louisiana. Seattle, Washington and Tucson, Arizona. With the addition of these new cities, Verizon’s 5G Home Internet will be available in 40 markets and even more.

5G can add value to your home

Nowadays, it doesn’t make sense to just say “OK” to the Internet.According to a recent article Morning consultation studyHomeowners want a reliable internet connection when looking for a new home. In fact, the overwhelming majority of home buyers say access to the 5G Home Internet (77%) and 5G Cell Network (75%) adds value to their home. Realtors agree that access to the 5G Home Internet (75%) and 5G Cell Network (73%) will have a positive impact on the value of a home. Home buyers have faster internet speeds (90%), enhanced security (88%), simpler home internet settings (85%), more coverage in more places (84%), We are excited about the benefits of 5G, such as uninterrupted streaming (83%). High quality video calls (82%).

Frank Boulben, Chief Revenue Officer of Verizon Consumers, said: group. “We are here for our customers, whether at home or on the go, with more content and entertainment options than ever before.”

Why 5G Home Internet?

  • No data restrictions. This is a truly unlimited broadband service without throttling.

  • This is fast. Customers can experience download speeds up to 1 Gbps, with typical download speeds of 300 Mbps.2

  • It’s affordable.Only $ 503 $ 70 / month for Verizon customers with eligible mobile plans3 One month for customers who do not have an eligible mobile plan. Taxes and fees are included.

  • Easy self-setup. With Verizon 5G Internet Gateway, you don’t have to wait for the cable installer. Simply open the box and set up your device and your home will be connected.

  • A cool giveaway. To meet your entertainment needs, customers have access to a free Stream TV device, discovery + streaming service.Four 12 months on our company, 2 months on SLING TV.Five New customers also get Samsung Chromebook 46 With the power of 5G Ultra Wideband, you can work, learn and stream smarter at home.

  • Switching has become easier. Verizon offers up to $ 500 to cover early termination charges for customers leaving their current Internet provider and switching to 5G Home Internet.7

  • $ 100 off your bill. For a limited time, buy 5G Home Internet online and earn $ 100 credit for your bill.8

5G Home Internet is available in some of the following cities:

  • Arlington, Texas

  • Anaheim, California

  • Atlanta, Georgia

  • Charlotte, North Carolina

  • Chicago, Illinois

  • Cincinnati, Ohio

  • Cleveland, Ohio

  • Columbus, Ohio

  • Dallas, Texas

  • Denver, Colorado

  • Des Moines, Iowa *

  • Detroit, Michigan

  • Greensboro, North Carolina

  • Hartford, Connecticut

  • Houston, Texas

  • Indianapolis

  • Kansas City, Missouri

  • Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Los Angeles, California

  • Louisville, Kentucky

  • Memphis, Tennessee

  • Miami, Florida

  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin

  • Minneapolis, Minnesota

  • New Orleans, Louisiana *

  • Omaha, Nebraska

  • Phoenix, Arizona

* Released on June 10

How to get 5G Home Internet

Visit verizon.com/5g/home/ to see if your area has 5G Home Internet.

As services continue to expand and new cities are launched, they will be updated within the portal.

1 A survey of U.S. homebuyers will be conducted by Morning Consult on behalf of Verizon from April 1st to April 7th, 2021 and will purchase single-family homes within the next three years in the United States now or in the future. It was conducted on 1000 adults in Japan. 5G home market. The interview was conducted online. The results of the full investigation have a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.

2 The maximum download speed is up to 1 Gbps, and the typical download speed is 300 Mbps. Typical upload speeds are around 50 Mbps. Upload in 5G Ultra Wideband or 4G LTE, depending on location. 4G LTE backup.

3 Automatic payment and paperless billing.

Four Only for new Verizon 5G Home Internet customers. Get 12 months of Discovery + (no ads) from the time of registration (must be registered with Verizon by 7.21.21). At the end of the 12-month promotion period, your Discovery + (ad-free) subscription will automatically renew for $ 6.99 + tax / month unless you cancel with Verizon. You can cancel at any time. One offer for each eligible Verizon account. The Discovery + service is covered by a discovery + (ad-free) visitor contract. © 2020 Discovery or its subsidiaries and affiliates.

Five For new and existing Verizon Fios, wireless, and 5G Home accounts. This offer is only available to new SLING customers. Valid from 5.19.21 to 2.19.22, with a maximum credit of $ 35 / month. Up to $ 35 / month for 2 months on Sling Blue or Sling Orange. Up to $ 15 / month for 2 months for some Sling International services. 3 months for Sling Latino service. Additional Sling subscriptions, extras, add-ons, and associated taxes that exceed the amount of promotional credit must be prepaid. Redeem at Sling.com within 60 days of activating Verizon Fios or 5G Home Internet or completing your Verizon Wireless order. A valid payment form is required at the time of registration. Local channel availability can vary. When the promotion ends, the Sling service will automatically renew and you will be billed by Sling for the current monthly fee unless you cancel at Sling.com. Cancel at any time. One offer for each eligible Verizon account. It cannot be exchanged for cash or credit. Additional conditions apply.

6 Offers. 4/22/21 – 7/21/21, via Samsung Chromebook 4 11.6 inch (4GB RAM) redemption code. To redeem, you must install the eligible 5G Home Internet Service for 45 days and keep it in good condition. Verizon will then email you the redemption instructions. You must redeem your code within 60 days of delivering the email, or 11/21/21 whichever comes first. It cannot be exchanged for cash or refunded. Samsung is a registered trademark of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

7 New 5G Home Internet customers who have terminated their previous Internet services and incurred an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) within the last four months. The offer is non-transferable and is not worth cash or refunds. Within 90 days of installing / setting up 5G Home, you must submit an ETF document for the Internet from your previous service provider. Offers will be fulfilled for up to $ 500 in ETFs through billing credits to your Verizon account. You are responsible for paying the ETF to your previous service provider. If we or you cancel your 5G Home Internet service (within 90 days after installation / setup), your ETF credit will be charged back to your final bill. Other conditions apply.

8 Online only. We offer new 5G Home customers valid offers up to 6.22.21. A one-time $ 100 billing credit that applies 14 days after the service is activated.