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Whirlpool Mastermind 30 Elite

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Whirlpool Mastermind 30 Elite

Ever heard of a refrigerator that performs the balancing trick? Yes, a fine balance between storage space, technology and looks is what your Whirlpool Mastermind 30 Elite will give to you. It is a twin door, frost-free refrigerator that comes with technological specials like Twin Tower Cooling and Quick Ice maker and also with many user-friendly conveniences.

Key Features

Capacity: The capacity of Mastermind 30 Elite is a reasonable 280 Liters which provides more than sufficient space for a small family with a big appetite! The freezer space is 70 Liters which makes the freezer also very roomy to hold not only larger quantities of ice but also bigger bricks of ice creams! There are nine storage shelves that give you enough room to arrange your storage conveniently.

Sixth Sense Tower Cooling System: It is a marvelous technology that not only detects the changes in the climate outside but also changes the inside technology accordingly. Its Twin Cooling Towers circulate cool air uniformly in the refrigerator maintaining equal temperature and freshness.

Sixth Sense Auto Power save Mode: You left for your vacation worrying all the time about something that you’re forgetting? Was it your refrigerator that you forgot to switch off? Well not to worry. If you are the proud owner of a Whirlpool Mastermind 30 Elite, then your fridge will do the homework for you. It comes with a technology that understands your absence if the refrigerator door is not opened for more than 24 hrs and switches itself to an auto power save mode reducing the consumption of electricity and at the same time maintaining an even cooling.

Sixth Sense Ice Accelerator: Remember that advertisement where the neighbor comes for ice and it is over? Well, not any more. The Sixth Sense Ice Accelerator in this refrigerator makes ice super quick at the press of a button given at a temperature control panel on the door and even chills your bottles much quicker. Swarovski Crystal Studded Handle: A designer handle is one thing but Swarovski crystals in a refrigerator? Well that’s going a step ahead and that is what our Mastermind 30 Elite does. With Swarovski Crystals in the handle and six elegant colors to choose from this fridge is surely star studded!

Flexi Chill and Ice Twister: A convenient freezer feature, Flexi Chill enables you to manage your freezer space more efficiently by adjusting the storage compartment. A twist ice tray with a container is provided to collect ice more conveniently.

Crisper with Humidity Control: The crisper of this refrigerator is extra large to take care of your big grocery shopping. Even if you decide to store softer vegetables over here, the humidity control keeps them fresh.

User-friendly Features

Door Lock and Alarm: This fridge rings a bell. Each time you or your hurried family leaves the door open, the fridge will start ringing an alarm for you to rush back and close it! Magic Rails and Wheels: The roof of the refrigerator is equipped with railings to make a space not only inside but also on the outside of the fridge to store things or even decorative items. For easier movement, wheels are given at the bottom to shift your refrigerator to whichever convenient location.

Toughened Glass Shelves: Here is a surprise – out of the total shelves in this refrigerator, three are made of toughened glass that can hold weight up to 90kgs. Go ahead, don’t think and just store it in! Drop down Chiller Compartment: The chiller compartment is a drop down one which ensures easy management of things inside.

Magic Light and Deodorizer: Magic light illuminates your Refrigerator in every nook and corner for a clearer vision and beautiful glow and the deodorizer eliminates any kind of odor keeping your food smelling nice and fresh for long.


A technologically advanced refrigerator, the Whirlpool Refrigerator will give you a wonderful combination of looks, convenience and science. By falling in the price bracket of medium priced refrigerators, this beauty is up for grabs. We say, don’t think, take it quick!